Don't Pressure, EMPOWER!

About us

OwnItNYC is a collaborative effort of New York professionals who wanted to turn around the table of work pressure into empowerment. We enjoy our work so much, and we believe that everyone who works like us should also feel the same.

Our Mission

To set a realization point that the work output of an employee under pressure and an empowered employee are different. To further push employee empowerment through this blog by publishing studies if how an empowered employee performs. To make businesses realize that they have this responsibility of continually empowering their employees, not just in NYC but across the globe.

Our Vision

An empowered workforce is what we dream of seeing. A kind of workforce who can work with grace under pressure because they are well empowered; they feel oneness in the work and happiness of achieving company and team goals. We dream of corporations empowering their workforce not just by injecting loads of know-hows but by thinking creatively on how to empower their employees with out-of-the-box ideas.